Nigerians Attack Buhari Govt, Says No To Social Media, Hate Speech Bill (See Tweets)

Nigerians Attack Buhari Govt, Says No To Social Media, Hate Speech Bill (See Tweets)
This is not the first nor the last that President Muhammadu Buhari's administration has come under attack over social media and hate speech bills.

Reports from the Senate on Wednesday showed, reading a bill for an act to make provision for the protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulations, and for related matters.

The bill, which was lead by Senator Musa Mohammed Sani representing Niger East Senatorial District would restrict cyberspace falsehood against any citizen if passed into law.

The bill has since stirred controversies over the internet as Nigerians call on Senators to end its passage, as it is against their freedom of speech and democracy in general.

Some Nigerians took to their Twitter page signing a petition to stop the passage of the bill which went well.

Here are some interesting comments gathered on Twitter:

@KadariaAhmed “Kadaria Ahmed, say no to the social media bill , it is against the constitution which protects free speech, a vital pillar of our democracy. What you say?

@Fatolafabs “Alright guys, let’s get serious this Social Media Bill of a thing is going to shut us all out of the system. It’s the only voice we have and they want to silence that voice.Please, let’s sign this petition together and say no to social media bill.”

@Solight14 “Nigeria is a drama, they failed to provide the better Nigeria they sworn to create. Now thet want to use social Media bill to shurt us up from complaining. What is the color of our problem?

@Bukkyshonibare “I, Bukky Shonibare, Say no to social media bill.It’s a grievous infringement on the Constitutional right to free speech. We must be able to speak our minds, even when we are wrong or mistaken, without fear of intimidation, harassment or incarceration by the state.”

@Makintamie “It is an attempt to silence Nigerians in order for the govt. to continue to disrespect the rule of Law.”

@Volqx “ Senator Elisha said “someone sits in his room and makes a post and in a matter of minutes it’s read in America”. His fear of foreign involvement cannot be overemphasised, social media is that one chance we have at telling the world the ills of our society.”

@Zaddy_Nomso “If we protest on ground they call the Police to Shoot us, we complain on Social Media and now they want to Shut Us Down. You cant kill us on ground and shut us down on Social Media.”

@Frank_Leanv “They don’t like the fact that we can challenge them online, carry up a movement and counter their evil doings, so they now want to restrict the usage of social media.They want all the power, able to do anything and get away with it. Say no to social media bill.”

@Tundetash “Inflation Rate – 11.61%
Youth Unemployment Rate – 19.96%
Nigeria’s debt – $83.88 Billion.No present indices of how the country will generate profound wealth to address these statistics. But you know what matters to them most? A Social Media Bill.”

@Pauledo130 “Now we know that the freedom of speech we enjoyed under Jonathan worth more than the corruption we think existed in his administration.”

@Ayobankole “This is Elisha Abbo. A Nigerian Senator. Caught on camera physically assaulting a woman in a sex toy shop. His would have been covered if not for social media. He isn’t in jail yet, he wants to silence social media to enable him continue assaulting. We say no to social media bill.”

@Kendrick917 “If the bill is passed then they should cancel democracy day then, cause I don’t see the use.”
@is_salsu "Dear Senators, your time would come and go.... today it is your turn,tomorrow it will be our turn A day will come when serious Senators will pass a Bill that proposes death by hanging for corrupt politicians and you will fall a victim You have the dance floor now,keep twerking. "

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