UNBELIEVABLE: Nicki Minaj Announced She's Retiring From Music And Planning To Begin A Family

Nicki Minaj reported last Thursday that she will quit music to begin a family.

In news that disillusioned huge numbers of her long-lasting fans — whom she affectionally alludes to as Barbz — Minaj said in an emoticon loaded tweet, "I've chosen to resign and have my family.

"I realize you all are upbeat now," she said.

The rapper likewise asked her supporters to "keep reppin me, do it until da demise of me," a gesture to her 2012 "Young lady on Fire" coordinated effort with Alicia Keys.

Representatives for Minaj did not quickly react to the news solicitation for comment. In any case, the rapper's tweet met with doubt, since she has been known to pull an elaborate ruse once in a while.

In 2016, the star prodded fans with an organic product motivated collection tracklist that ended up being phony. Also, as of late, the entertainer has continually been forced to bear terrible press — from her problem with Cardi B to her fans' persevering assaults against individuals who investigate her online, to her ongoing union with Kenneth Petty, a man who served time in jail for homicide and is an enrolled sex offender.

There's been no deficiency of Minaj show, and she's been vocal about what she considers uncalled for treatment by the media.

In mid-August, Minaj showed up on Joe Budden's digital recording and said there's regularly an unjustifiable picture painted of her in the news, particularly with regards to her working with and supporting other ladies rappers.

"You all theorize, you have a ton of fun, what will be will be," Minaj said. "In any case, when I turn out and state, 'Hello, folks, this is actually what occurred,' and after that, you fundamentally state, 'Nope, I know Nicki,' it makes me resemble a screwing psycho."

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