UNBELIEVABLE! WhatsApp To Block Users From Taking Screenshots In New Update

WhatsApp Update: New feature could block you from taking screenshots

After lots of blackmail through WhatsApp screenshots, WhatsApp is finally working on an update that could prevent users from taking screenshots of private chats. Isn't that wonderful?

WhatsApp has a new feature that could be launched soon which could help users protect their private chats in the future. At the moment, WhatsApp boasts end-to-end encryption making your conversations safe from intruders, but the question is are they safe enough? Absolutely not!  Lot of people have been blackmailed due to screenshots of private chats.

However, local security on smartphones has not really been a thing until the very moment. Anyone who could access your phone would automatically be able to access your chats also which shows it's not secured enough?

The beta feature is designed to make your local WhatsApp chats more secure, doing this requires authentication when opening the app. Hence, the beta feature will give users the ability to lock the WhatsApp app, with smart locks like fingerprint scanner, pass code etc.

Now the question arise, how would it work?

It's pretty simple you just need a password or fingerprint before opening the app. In addition, the app will not allow the user to take screenshots of chats when they're on the app.

The app lock will also support auto-locking after a certain time escalate. This means that your phone remains secure even when you don't remember to close the app.

These features will definitely add an extra layer to the current non-existent security on the application, which many users in the world use to share sensitive financial and personal information on.

It's our advice that you use to use a secure and easy to remember passcode and a different code to the one you use for your phone. As good as the “no screenshots” feature sounds in our ear, is the same way stopping someone from photographing your screen with their phone?

Please note, these features are not available in the full version of Whatsapp yet. So let's stay calm and wait till it's out.

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