Third Mainland Bridge Is Safe For Use, FG Declears

After series of questioning on Third Mainland Bridge.

Nigerian Government Finally Open Up, the Nigerian government on Sunday said that the confidence on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos still remains intact and the bridge is safe for use by any motorist. 

A statement by the Office of the Special Adviser on Communications at the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing also urged people to stop spreading or sharing false rumors about the bridge on social media platforms which twitter, facebook isn't exempted. 

There have been severe concerns over the condition of the bridge, mostly on social media. Considered it is one of Africa’s longest bridges, it connects Lagos Island to other parts of the city and is used by thousands of motorists daily.

“It is still functioning and our engineers and consultants have advised that it does not pose any structural danger to the bridge and it is safe to use,” the statement said.

“Commuters and Lagos residents will recall that the Third Mainland Bridge was shut down for a 3-day Investigative Maintenance in August 2018. Tests done on the expansion joints then – called static and dynamic load tests – were to check functionality. A number of expansion joints were identified for replacement then.

“More recently, in March this year, underwat

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