Ned Nwoko Reportedly Converts Regina Daniels To Muslim, Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Famous Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels whose name has been trending on all social media platforms since the beginning of April has been reportedly converted to muslim by his muslim billionaire husband who has four other wives which includes a muslim from African countries, Morocco.

Ned Nwoko whose muslim name is Munir was alleged to have converted the young actress and named her Fatima just after the news of her pregnancy which went viral on social media, this is according to the insider information obtained by news platform.

The reason for the denouncement of her Christian faith is connected to the fact that she will be relocated to London where she would have her baby and the billionaire husband wants her hooked to the tenets of Islam, which she her fans won't take likely.

There are reports that the teen actress is 4-months pregnant for her alleged billionaire husband.The report disclosed that the actress is pregnant and that she is also currently regarded as the favourite wife of the billionaire, which means she has the key to his luxuries.

Do you think she worth changing her faith because of money?

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