BREAKING: Nigeria’s Population Is Now 201 Million –United Nation

From the World Population Dashboard which was released on the agency's website, the United Nation stated that "Nigeria's population has now increased to 201 million, which is currently the largest in Africa, while its immediate neighbours - Benin Republic, Niger, Chad and Cameroon - are 11.8 million, 23.2 million, 15.8 million and 25.3 million people, respectively."

The United Nation agency noted that "life expectancy at birth in Nigeria is now 55 years while the maternity mortality ratio is 814 deaths per 100,000 live births as of 2015."

It said that Nigeria's growth rate was at an average of 2.6 per cent from the year 2010 to 2019, while the fertility rate among Nigerian women had dropped from 6.4 per cent in 1969 to 5.3 per cent in 2019, which seems that the rate of birth giving has drastically reduced.

The report said, "Reproductive rights are still out of reach for too many women, including the more than 200 million women globally who want to prevent a pregnancy but cannot access modern contraceptive information and services."

"Ultimately, almost all of the 4.3 billion people of reproductive age around the world today will have had inadequate access to sexual and reproductive health services at some point."

It obviously seems that the male on earth at the moment is 3 times smaller than that of female which means it would get to some, there won't be any men to have s3x with in order to reproduce.

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