LEAKED: Apple Airpod 2 Can Charge Within 15 Minutes

Photo Credit- IndiaExpress

Apple would probably launch their second-generation AirPods in the next for months as suggested by different reports over time on the media . There are bits and pieces of information about the Second generation AirPods , with the latest one coming from XDA TV host and writer Max Weinbach, who says that AirPods 2 will have wireless charging which is quite impressive and it will take just 15 minutes to reach full charge from zero which seems impossible but can be possible when it comes to Apple.

It is worth listing that the current AirPods which take almost three hours to get to charge fully.
For quicker wireless charging in AirPods two, the case would require more Qi coils that would probably make it bigger.

According to Weinbach, AirPods two case are larger in one direction and heavier than before.

Weinbach also listed a different coating for AirPods 2 that would be similar to the matte finish of the Apple Pencil.

It merits referencing that the current AirPods take right around three hours to get to the full charge point. For quicker remote charging in AirPods 2, the case would require more Qi loops that would likely make it greater. As indicated by Weinbach, AirPods 2 case will be greater in and heavier than previously.
Furthermore, the W2 chipset is probably going to improve AirPod's association with the iPhone beside improving the battery life. Other spilled highlights of AirPods 2 incorporate water obstruction and commotion wiping out.

Apple propelled really remote earbuds, AirPods back in September 2016 nearby the iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus gadgets.

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