Android Q Beta 1 Exclusive Features : Advanced Multi-tasking, Gesture & Easy Wi-Fi Connect With QR Code

Android Q Beta 1: Wi-Fi Gets ‘Easy Connect’ With QR Code Sharing & Setup

Among tons of other changes we’re finding in Android Q today, Google has revamped the Wi-Fi settings in a couple of big ways. Android Q brings “Easy Connect” to Wi-Fi with faster setup and sharing thanks to QR codes.

Visually, the Wi-Fi menu on Android Q is roughly the same as it was on Android Pie. However, there are some slight adjustments. When you click to see the details of a network, you’ll see the name of the network, the connection status, and also some settings below. For the most part, the information and settings here have just been given a visual refresh (and a killer one at that, I might add).

However, there are two new options. For one, you can now toggle between using a randomized MAC address, the default setting, and using the device’s MAC address. That’s a part of Android Q’s new suite of privacy features.

Also included is the ability to share the network using a QR code. Clicking the share button requests your fingerprint or PIN to unlock the network details, then displays the code on screen for another device to read. Android Q also using this QR code setup for Wi-Fi when adding a network and even offers the option when setting up your device for the first time.

Android Q Beta 1 : Improved Multitasking Gesture Somewhat Live

With Android Q having already leaked before today’s beta, one feature spotted ahead of time was full gesture navigation and better multitasking. The former functionality is not yet live in Beta 1, but all users can partially experience the latter today.

Gesture navigation in Beta 1 is unchanged from Android 9 Pie. Users can swipe right on the pill — replacing the old double-tap on Recents — to access their most recently used app.

However, users can now also perform a left-to-right arc gesture from anywhere on the navigation bar to switch apps and see the new transition. Instead of significantly zooming out like on Pie, this new animation retains more of a fullscreen view of the two apps you are moving in-between. Similar to the iPhone X, it feels faster as it requires less time for the new app to fill into the screen.

The zoom-out level is dependent on the radius of your arc. A smaller radius allows for a faster transition, while a tall arc essentially brings users to the Recents menu. The video below progresses from larger arcs to smaller, faster ones.

Source -: 9to5Google

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